I was led into the chiropractic profession through my experiences. When I was 19 years of age I hit a tree head on while traveling 65 mph. This accident resulted in numerous injuries including a herniated disc in my low back. My pain was severe and I was facing surgery to correct the herniated disc. I had consultations with 2 surgeons for my injuries, but still had hope there was something besides surgery that could help with my pain. Upon the recommendation of a family member, I started chiropractic care and with the help of a very knowledgeable chiropractor, I was able to avoid surgery. To this day, my back is happy and healthy.

My experience and good outcome with chiropractic care made me look seriously at a career as a chiropractic physician. I went on to attend Life University in Atlanta Georgia and graduated summa cum laude in 1999. I practiced in Denver for 1 year following my graduation and returned to Ohio in 2001 to start what is now MedQuest Health Center, Inc.

My focus has always been to help people in pain find relief. From car accidents to sports injuries, I am committed to helping my patients find the help they need. Given my history of being in a serious car accident, I focused a lot of my post graduate training on the rehabilitation of injuries. This focus on has led me to offer a full spectrum of care at MedQuest including chiropractic, acupuncture, and physical medicine designed to get people out of pain as fast as we can.

If anyone has been to more than one chiropractor they have probably seen that there are different styles and approaches to chiropractic. My approach is to treat my patients with as little care necessary to help them get out of pain and back to enjoying life again. This style of chiropractic is called short-term chiropractic care. I have pledged to provide my patients convenient, affordable mainstream chiropractic care without any unnecessary long-term treatment plans or therapies.